Vimy Ridge

The battle of Vimy Ridge is one of the greatest battles in Canada's history.
Vimy Ridge was a formidable barrier for the Allies to breach. A natural hill
and barren slope provided little cover for attacking troops and gave a good
vantage point for fortified machine guns and artillery to fire on invaders.
The goal of the battle of Vimy Ridge was to achieve the ever elusive breakthrough
in the German lines. It was at Vimy Ridge that the German's heavily fortified
Hindenburg Line made a junction with many other trenches along the front.
Vimy Ridge proved to be a turning point in World War I. Canadians were an
important part of this epic battle. They fought exceptionally and were awarded
four Victoria Crosses for that single battle. The Victoria Cross is Canada's
highest award for bravery. The entire Canadian contingent was commended as being
an elite fighting Corps.

Info from: Vimy Ridge

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