A new day dawned that saw us travel to Cumbria and the Lake District. Our first stop was the pretty town of Kendal. Here, a nice chap, gave us his parking voucher because he was ready to leave so we got some free parking while we walked around town. (Pay it forward, people, and this world can be a wonderful place.)

View of Kendal
Kendal is a large market town situated on the River Kent in Cumbria. Most of the town was built with grey stone therefore Kendal has the nickname, 'the auld grey town'. Clever, eh? Kendal was granted its market charter in 1189. Each year during the spring bank holiday they recreate a medieval market. There's pageantry and music with strolling players, a juggler and jester while the market stalls are packed with sellers plying their wares.

Kendal has a long history dating back to pre-Roman times. Katherine Parr, the last queen of Henry VIII, was born in 1512 at Kendal Castle. This picture shows the ruins of the Castle overlooking the town. Kendal was once the main centre for the woolen industry during the 13th Century and the Kendal Green Cloth became famous throughout the country. The town's motto is "wool is my bread".
Kendal Castle

Kendal Castle Ruins
Kendal is a very pretty village. The streets were cobbled with narrow courtyards, slated-roofed buildings, bridges and inns which we did our best to visit.

Kendal is also famous for its Kendal Mint cake (a hard mint-flavoured sugar slab). For those with a sweet tooth, I recommend it. I have a box! They had white tents set up when we were there. Inside, there were many vendors selling all sorts of goodies. There were cheeses and cakes and jams - all locally made and all looking very yummy. We then headed off to Windermere in the Lake District.
View of Kendal

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