Holyrood Palace Gardens

The following pictures are of the gardens at Holyrood Palace.

The Sundial
The entrance to the gardens is accented with a fine sundial called Queen Mary's, although it bears the initials of Charles I and his Queen, Maria Henrietta, with the date of his coronation.

As the following pictures will attest, the gardens were quiet and tranquil. The weather was just right; not too hot even the passing clouds didn't obscure the sunshine.
Holyrood Palace Gardens

Holyrood Palace Gardens
It was the end of May and everything was just bursting with colour. The flowers contrasted nicely with the deep rich green of the foliage and grass.

This photograph doesn't do the scene justice. You simply couldn't miss the red flowers. They stood out like fiery beacons. The walk was a visual and sensory feast.
Holyrood Palace Gardens

Holyrood Palace Gardens
Notice how it was all so well kept? There was the odd gardener around but apart from them, we were pretty much on our own. I think that visiting a historical sight where the tourists are few and far between just adds that extra special touch. We weren't jostled nor had to wait for people to get out of the way to take a picture nor did we have to queue to get in. In fact, we got to enjoy a cup of tea in the court yard pretty much undisturbed. As we finished the tea, the bus loads of tourists had just started to arrive and we were ready to do some more walking in Edinburgh.

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